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Your phone is ringing and you don't know who is calling?

tellows provides information to identify trustworthy or potential risk calls - thanks to our worldwide community.

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We categorise calls by type (debt collection, serious number, sweepstakes, etc.) and give the number in question a tellows score, which indicates whether a number is trustworthy or suspicious, helping you to decide whether or not to take the call.

Latest from our blog

    We've all had to deal with the same thing. Does your phone ring as relentlessly at dawn as it does at noon and dusk? The displayed number of the caller is unknown to you yet this very number calls several times a day? Are nuisance calls and telemarketers harassing you while you keep wondering Who is calling? Unsurprisingly there are thousands of others suffering the same agony of unsolicited calls. Therefore, has committed itself to provide a platform for all those whose nerves are grinded down by the continious ring of the their phones. Tellows aims at the distribution of knowledge and information on dangerous spam and scam numbers. Therewith, people will know who calls and know whether it is wise to answer the phone or leave it be. Furthermore, tellows offers two features to assist in the identification of the numbers: the tellows-score and maps marking the approximate location of the caller. Join our international community that is currently operating in over 45 countries download the tellows app today for your iPhone or Android to protect yourself against unwanted calls.

    New unwanted phone numbers

    On tellows, thousands of phone numbers are reported by the community every day. Here you can find phone numbers that were reported for the first time and were classified as unwanted.
    1. समीर का दोस्त has been reported with number ‎+919389709820 as Cost trap

      7/16/24, 7:52 AM


      1 Rating for +919389709820 (RCL(CDMA))
    2. The number ‎+919039045927 has been assigned to unknown

      7/15/24, 8:14 PM


      2 Ratings for +919039045927 (TTSL(GSM))
    3. The number ‎+919928241805 has been assigned to unknown

      7/16/24, 8:44 AM


      1 Rating for +919928241805 (Bharti Hexacom Ltd.)

    Recently added comments

    1. The number ‎+919928241805 has been assigned to unknown

      7/16/24, 8:44 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for +919928241805 (Bharti Hexacom Ltd.)
    2. समीर का दोस्त has been reported with number ‎+919389709820 as Cost trap

      7/16/24, 7:52 AM via Nize


      1 Rating for +919389709820 (RCL(CDMA))
    3. The number ‎+919039045927 has been assigned to unknown

      7/15/24, 8:14 PM via Nize

      2 Ratings for +919039045927 (TTSL(GSM))
    4. The number ‎+919039045927 has been assigned to unknown

      7/15/24, 8:14 PM via Nize

      2 Ratings for +919039045927 (TTSL(GSM))
    5. The number ‎08327701306 has been assigned to unknown

      7/14/24, 5:13 PM via Nize

      1 Rating for 08327701306 (Goa)

    Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

    Every information on a number is the sum of all the experience the tellows users share via comments and by rating the number according to its danger. The combination of the rating and the categorisation in the comments feeds a complex algorithm that ultimately generates the tellows-score, hence, indicating the trustworthiness of each number. However, the vast bulk of information on dangerous spam and scam numbers requires you and your willingness to share you experience and knowledge in order to help people and warn them before they suffer the inconvinience of being spammed and scammed.

    Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

    1. Investigator Dr. Jens Nothnagel reported unknown with the number ‎+4915210816754 as Ping Call

      6/17/24, 6:55 PM

      2 Ratings for +4915210816754 (Lyca­mobile)
    2. The number ‎+919928241805 has been assigned to unknown

      7/16/24, 8:44 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for +919928241805 (Bharti Hexacom Ltd.)
    3. The number ‎+919039045927 has been assigned to unknown

      7/15/24, 8:14 PM via Nize

      2 Ratings for +919039045927 (TTSL(GSM))
    4. iPhone reported unknown with the number ‎+919770020031 as Ping Call

      7/2/24, 6:32 PM via iPhone App

      2 Ratings for +919770020031 (RTL(GSM))
    5. The number ‎+919121449369 has been assigned to unknown

      6/16/24, 8:24 PM via Nize

      1 Rating for +919121449369 (Unitech Wireless (East) Pvt. Ltd.)

    Often searched companies

    Accenture in Building No. 2 Tower-A Building No.1 Tower-B Unitech Infospace Sector-21 Dundahera
    Business management consultant
    Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini, an IHG Hotel in Sector 10 Rohini Twin District Centre
    Centro Dentale Sorridi32 in Via gallarini 4
    U.S. Polo Assn. Kids Store in Select city walk mall a/3 district center
    Clothing store
    Four Points by Sheraton Mahabalipuram Resort & Convention Center in Ecr-omr Junction
    U.S. Polo Assn. in F-42 prozone mall api corner
    Clothing store
    Accenture in Pritech park sez block 7 outer ring road
    Business management consultant
    Michelin Tyres & Services - Super Treads in National Highway 22 Taradevi
    Tire shop
    Regus - Zirakpur, The Summit in 204 & 205 Chandigarh-Ambala Highway The Summit Building sco 203
    Office space rental agency
    Namah Nainital, a member of Radisson Individuals Retreats in Grassmere Estate Mallital